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From auto fuel to home heating and cooking, the resources that oil and gas companies provide make life more comfortable for the general public. The role of these businesses is important, but professionals in this field face many risks, and one mistake can lead to significant product loss or personal injury.  

Oklahoma is a central hub of oil production in America. It contains some of the largest reserves of crude oil in the country, which create a high demand for production and distribution companies. With such high industry stakes, having oil and gas insurance in Oklahoma is critical. Let Thompson Agency help you with this crucial coverage. 

Scope of the Industry

The oil and gas industry includes a wide range of job descriptions. You may employ pipeline operators, drilling specialists, electricians, dirt contractors, and other service professionals. Along with these workers comes a long list of equipment. The people you hire and the machinery they use are two important assets to your company, and together they produce fuel, which becomes your third asset. Protecting your people, your equipment, and your product is much easier with our oil and gas insurance coverage.  

Oil Industry Risks

The oil and gas field includes many hands-on professions. Employees who work with drilling and contracting equipment face risk daily, both to themselves and their machinery.  

If a piece of equipment breaks down, your entire operation can come to a screeching halt, which means a decrease in productivity until the machine is fixed. Property insurance can help you cover repairs and replacement when issues like this occur. 

For your team, Thompson Agency can provide oil and gas contractor insurance to keep workers covered. When you combine this insurance with a workers’ compensation policy, your oil and gas business will be fully protected in the case of staff injury on the job. 

Contact us today for your free quote. Oil and gas insurance in Oklahoma is important. With the right coverage, you can contribute to the production of one of the world’s most valuable resources.